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A Bit of Background

My current focus is Natural Capital, particularly the intersection between environmental services, the agricultural sector and the surveying industry. 

I've spent over 15 years  in the property industry across commercial valuations and lease advisory work in both Australia and the UK. My experience has been a blend of technical work and leadership in business operations at both national and local surveying firms, leading me to my current role as an independent  consultant and project manager.

My passion lies in identifying, and then solving, problems, especially those that bridge distinct areas, like my collaborative work on soil carbon with the RICS. I particularly enjoy turning strategy into tangible outcomes, leading project management teams to execute plans effectively.

As an independent consultant, I'm interested in projects that focus on improving operational efficiency and resilience, and those that fall within the Natural Capital umbrella. To see some of the topics I'm interested in and projects I'm working on, I've created a Substack that goes into a bit more detail. 


I'm always on the lookout for new engagements, whether it be consulting, project management, or throwing a few ideas around, I'm always keen for a chat.

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